Peer Review #1

In addition to dealing with all these challenging technical obstacles, I had the pleasure of working on a peer review assignment.

Vivannn’s World is a colorful and cute site with mellow colors and a nature-based background image. I thought the image in the top left corner did a good job of creating tone and warmth, as well as insight to the sort of site Vivian is going to have.

I could not find the “about page” or any indicators of specifically what the blog is about- but based on the title I am assuming it is a lifestyle/personal reflections blog. I think that once Vivian starts blogging, it will become more clear what she intends to do with the site. I know having looked through all the theme options on WordPress, there are a lot of different ways you can set up your site. I personally think having an exposed sidebar is a really good idea- users aren’t forced to “look” for it. On Vivian’s sidebar she also includes her tag line which contributes to the character of the site. I also noticed that Vivian set up some buttons for social media platforms- having social media set up in association with your site is a really great thing to do, but I think it would make more sense to have blogs before setting up any social media “sharing” tools.

Overall, I think there is a lot of potential for character and growth with Vivian’s site. There are hints that she has some intentions for the use of the site, but until she starts blogging, it is hard as a reader to sense that direction. So in other words, I would love to learn more about you Vivian! Don’t be afraid to take the plunge and write something about yourself, your day, or whatever else comes to mind! A few sentences on an about page can go a long way for your reader, and while I know I can be guilty of writing too much, I think in this case, it’s better to put yourself out there and engage with the fact that you are the proud owner of a tiny corner of the web.

All the best, Vivian, and I look forward to reading more,
The Dirt Mouth


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