Week 6: Who The Hell Are You?

The thing about being in the public sphere is that your audience matters- whether you want them to or not. And much in the way I needed to re-think my design because of its inaccessibility to viewers, as a blogger, I need to be highly aware of who I’m writing for. Everyone wants to say they’re writing for themselves- that’s a given. Of course I’m writing for myself, I’m choosing what to write, the topics to cover, all of it. You gotta dig deeper here. What am I writing for myself that I think others would also find valuable? Why do I think food is so important? Is that something my viewer is going to share prior to seeing my site, or am I going to have to teach them? These are the sorts of questions that pushed me to where I am now: A food blog with good vibes, but not so light and airy as to romanticize the issues I think need to be addressed in the food world. I want my audience to feel good because my audience wants to feel good. They don’t want to hear what they’re doing wrong, no one does. So how am I supposed to tell them that? The answer, my friend, is gently. You tell them gently. You lead by example, you show them what you do, exactly as you do it, and you show them how well its working. I refuse to give up my blunt tone and quirky add-ons, the audience I’m trying to appeal to will appreciate the realness. I will admit- I am still trying to find a balance to tone.

My audience, to state it generally, is anyone and everyone who has an opinion on the food they eat. These are the people who, for whatever reasons, have made sense of the their position in relation to the world around them. I want bold speakers and quiet resolutions. I want open minds and conscious thinkers who view their lifestyle as a reflection of themselves- an extension of their being through the financial choices they make, food being one of those choices. I want the people who feel wronged, the people who feel right, and the people who don’t know what to feel.

Really, I’m just looking for some good company and conversation over some good food and drink.

All the best,
The Dirt Mouth

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