Peer Review #2

Back at it with another review of a fellow blogger and their newly born website. This week I’m looking at Nanveet’s site, the Intuitive Wanderer, an elegant and modern travel website that emphasizes the act of traveling both at home and abroad.


Immediately I’m drawn in by the black shaded city sky-line, but soon after that, I start to feel as though the site is a little empty. It’s almost as though the header image extends so far down on the, I get completely lost in the image and don’t really see where else I could go on the page. I think this could be easily solved by adding more categories to the top menu bar, which would give me direction, without taking away from the powerful first statement of the shaded image.

I think both of the taglines she’s created are great- I just think together they take away from each other. They seem to have equal weight and purpose on the page, so I guess I’m left wondering, why is one bigger than the other? Is the top one the title of her website? I like all the pieces she’s assembled to create atmosphere, including her domain, but I think they need to be tied together more fluently, and perhaps only having one tagline on the home page would help balance the left-right visual of the screen.

The menu bar stays as you scroll down to the most recent post- I think this looks awesome and helps to provide viewers with the necessary navigation tools they need to explore the site, dipping in and out of posts.

Based on the first welcome post, this is a travel blog, though now I’m wondering if the “city” look of the homepage says less “travel” and more “urban-chic”. However, if it’s cities she’s traveling then its perfect.

The black shading really made me think of a quiet night in the city. I think for me, I’d like to see more energy and excitement in the design, maybe more color/light and pictures, showing where she travels and how she explores her own “backyard”.

I look forward to seeing more from Nanveet’s site.

All the best,
The Dirt Mouth

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