Week 7: Design Changes

Yup, it’s late. Real late.

What can I say? Life gets busy, but I have implemented some design changes as recommended by my reviewer Intuitive Wanderer.

I would first like to say a huge thank-you to Intuitive Wanderer for the review, it was a huge help seeing how my site looks from another set of eyes.

I’m a picky person, and I’m too partial to my laid-back color scheme to change it- so I’ve resolved to post as many colorful recipes as I can. There’s something about using the site as a backdrop or a canvas to my recipes that I just can’t get enough of. I’m drawn to the drab because it makes the bright really shine.

And though my many categories and menus were appreciated, there were just too many. It was becoming confusing and many recipes were ending up in the same place, so I decided to just start labeling the recipes clearly as “vegetarian”, “vegan” o “gluten-free” so that I don’t have to create categories for each of these.

I spent no little amount of time on the design in week 5, so to me, it just makes sense that there isn’t a whole lot to change.

Which also might explain the late nature of this post…

All the best,

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