Week 10: Analytics and the Power of Information

Week 10 is all about measurement. I am going to do a very simple experiment.

You see, I’ve kept this blog very, very, quiet. This is not my first blog, and my other blog is a ghost town at the moment because I have all but abandoned it due to an inability to run two blogs and fit in all my schoolwork, work, and athletics.

But there’s also another reason. I’m a perfectionist. I’m an artist. I will finish and perfect my work before I start to broadcast it because I am aware there are things I need to improve on, and I cringe at going public without being fully satisfied with my presentation. This secrecy that I have adopted is reflected in my google analytics. I have a very low amount of visitors, the majority being myself early on in the semester when I forgot to filter my IP address (yeah, yeah, bite me). There are an additional one or two friends who provided me with much needed feedback on tone and direction, they also account for the remaining views. And the rest are bots.

Well, except for the some of the American hits, which I think are from when I sassed that one domain company back in September (always keep a consistent tone, my friends. Own the sass. Own it).

I am going to write a few more blogs to polish off the overall tone I am trying to achieve here (wasn’t kidding about the perfectionist bit) before I start to share this blog to the best of my abilities.

In other news, I have decided to increase the “zero waste” presence on my blog. As much as I love a good food blog, it’s really missing some depth for me. My brain is always on, the wheels never stop turning and I never do anything “just because”- why wouldn’t I want my blog to reflect that?

Being in several publishing classes this semester, it’s easy to start thinking through a “mainstream” lens. It’s a business, it needs a market and an audience. Google analytics gives you the power to see the flow of people, and I’ll admit, seeing the chart makes me want to send it sky-rocketing. The first month of class was like pulling teeth for me because business is not my background; I’m an arts major, a writer, and a creator, and I’ll be damned if I ever start giving the people what they want- I know what I need to be doing as a writer and it’s certainly not compliance with popular demands.

“But maybe, just maybe,” the critical little devil on my shoulder pipes up, “there’s a window of opportunity here. Did someone say ‘Trojan horse’?”

Fie on your scheming, base demon!

This is not about manipulating my audience, its about finding a way to express my intensity and my disarming human quirks in a way that engages with the reader and emboldens them to stop and actually think about me, my recipes, or my lifestyle. By adding a zero waste department to my website, not only will I be giving this food blog some depth, I’ll also be providing readers with genuine purpose for the blog- which from the beginning was always to create and attract critical conversation.

So here goes developing the rest of the zero waste content, before sharing it annoyingly on every social media platform I own.

All the best,
The Dirt Mouth


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