201 Peer Review #1

Anne Lauren Co is Olivia’s jewelry website. Immediately, you are shown a beautiful spanning background of pastel clouds over an ocean front. Her colors speak of elegance, class and refinement, and her smooth name for the website only further compliments this design theme. While I think Olivia chose a perfect typeface, the delicate grey coloring is lost in the dark blue of the clouds where they cross the text. This could be fixed with a change in color, perhaps to black or something that would stand out against the white-blue-grey color scheme of the site. If that doesn’t do the trick, the font could probably be enlarged, and reducing the length of the lines would help to keep the content centered while being easier on the readers eyes.

When I click on the “About” page, it takes me to a page that hasn’t been modified since the creation of the site, yet, I know Olivia made a beautiful “about” post which sums up the website while still staying consistent with the overall mature tone of her site. Maybe, rather than having this “about” post, Olivia could place it permanently under her about page so that all her customers have to do is click one button to get to the heart of Anne Lauren Co jewelry. I also think that closing her post with “xx” perfectly suits the professional image she is working to create alongside this brand of jewelry. She could almost make this her tagline by ending every post with it, and who knows, maybe it could even be used on the jewelry to showcase her brand. Sort of like an artist’s signature, right?

Until pictures of jewelry start popping up, I think Olivia could start by adding some “inspiration” content to the site. What exactly is inspiring your creativity? What does that inspiration look like, and why does/should that matter to a reader on the site? That might be a nice way to connect with an audience and build a brand before you start pumping out pictures of what I can already tell is going to be gorgeous jewelry.

I look forward to seeing more from your site, Olivia! Keep it up.

All the best,
The Dirt Mouth

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