201 Process Post #4

Wait a second, I thought you were running a food blog. What happened here?

Well, let me tell you a thing or two about The Dirt Mouth. She found her hands unable to write recipes when the news was doing nothing more than turning her stomach. She’s always had a thing for wit, and poetry, but I’m thinking you won’t see any of the latter on here. Or maybe you will, in the appropriated content section. Some good old fashion slam poetry. This is more of a front line website, and I’d like to think the seed for this was planted last fall when I kept having to go back and soften my posts. I swear, I don’t enjoy edginess for the sake of the edginess. Which is why I know I need to be running a site like this. I like reality. I like rawness. I like the truth, I like pushing boundaries, and yes, making even myself uncomfortable because I genuinely believe that is how you grow. I believe if you have the voice, and the perspective,  and the balance, you need to speak. I began this website as a zero waste food blog because I believe in living the change you want to enact, and there are few lifestyles more “intentional” than a zero waste lifestyle.

But there are more ways to live intentionally, taking responsibility for our actions and apathy. I have always written, across genres. I know it is not enough to just write satires. They spring into my mind from what I see in the world around me and from the contradictions I experience in my daily life. I am one of my biggest satirical inspirations. I am a silly, stumbling mess of a person.

I know it is not enough to just write satires. I live the change I preach. But I am also trying to understand how to craft a site that does more than just stir the pot and ruffle feathers. I want an eclectic gathering of works, from myself, from others. I want to develop an uncomfortable experience. A healthy, healthy, uncomfortable experience.

So here’s to discomfort.

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