Designers Among Those Most Afraid of Trump Whiteout

“We haven’t been on the verge of something this unfashionable since the cold war. Remember all that red? My god. Talk about agressssssive.”

Designers, artists, and color experts across the United States marched today in an effort to bring awareness to the extent of which the country is on the verge of aesthetic doom. With vibrant picket signs that read “We don’t need more negative space” the movement, which calls themselves color fighters rallied in the name of design and variation, but found themselves aligned with more allies than expected.

“The streets were packing and bustling- we had no idea this many people cared about color!” said the movement’s spokesperson, Lu Lu. “I mean, we know they’re not all here for the kind of color we’re talking about, but we’re all vying for the same thing, right? Power to the people!” she shouted, before rejoining the march and adding a nice dowse of baby blue spray paint to a near by mailbox.

The movement believes that with the continued focus on white culture in America, and the alienation of colors other than white, the rhetoric of current politics could have a serious backlash on the connotation of color palettes.

“Do you have any idea how many color palettes don’t include the color white? How much longer before he starts banning those too? I won’t spend the rest of my life using We Aren’t Friends or Classical Magic!” declared Tom, the movement’s newest social media manager.

“I was born to be Magenta Mornings, [Trump] you bastard!”

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