201 Process Post #5

Wanna hear a story?

Well I guess I’ve put all my eggs in the “power of humor” basket.

This is the era of what-are-you-selling and am-I-looking-to-buy before we trade first names. Maybe I’m young, maybe it’s always been this way. I’m doubting that. Authors pine for credible back cover blurbs, while big fish companies are always keeping their eyes open for a new advertising investment- you. Do you buy their clothes, do they look good on you? Can they leverage your lifestyle, your words, your leftovers? Connecting to an audience, a customer base, they now realize, is paramount to business success. With that kind of connection, you can make the slip-ups, you can take the risks and still trust to see the light of day when the dust settles.

Your narrative and your voice as a professional presence is how you connect with your audience. The story you tell matters, but what also matters are the stories you get others to tell about you, with you, in pictures, reviews, and word of mouth.

I tell everyone about this blog. Right now, I say that it’s a political satire blog, but I’m noticing it’s not always received well. Which is odd. I couldn’t tell you why people don’t want to spend time reading aggressive liberal satire right now.

I’m going to start saying that it’s my writing website. I write. I make words out of letters, and sometimes they form sentences. I’m going to expand the satire, I’ve been meaning to do it for ages. I haven’t blasted vegans in a while, their confidence is probably towering by now.

I need to keep reminding myself that I am doing this because I generate words anyways, I believe if you have a voice you should speak, humor is a powerful tool not used enough, and taking the plunge to have a self-published platform can only help someone like me as I try to figure out how I make a living doing what I love. Is that writing satire? I don’t know. I would simply say writing. Critical writing. Engaging writing. Some days I don’t care if it even gets read, other days I like to watch the google analytics spike. If I look hard enough, it almost reminds me of what it was like to watch Netflix before my credit card expired.

As you can see, I’m having a hard time reconciling the idea of a manufactured narrative on this site in terms of advertising, and content advertising. Humor has always been a sector of editorial work in nature, and the moment it starts to look like sponsored work, it starts to fail.

Sorry, I’ll try to phrase that a little more diplomatically. Sponsored comedy is literal trash. It might actually be worse because it sticks around long after the Tuesday truck has left the curb.

As for the narrative of this site, overall, it’s really important to me that I don’t create an echo-chamber. I’m a liberal person, that’s just the reality. But I don’t agree with a large part of the rhetoric used by radical liberals. I’m a student, I love what I’m getting out of my education. But if I have to attend another reading where some smarmy pair of perfectly round glasses uses a single word that is length of four words but actually only means two words, I’m going to say one word with one finger and make a scene as I leave.

You see, I have an issue with false dichotomies, and I also have an issue with ineffective rhetoric/actions. The god-crazed don’t wake up in holy light and go screaming to the churches on Sunday- they stand on Whyte Ave and 103rd where the street bustles with rowdy blasphemy and the hazy beginnings of a great Sunday hangover story. So regardless of your stance, on basically anything, I want you to come into this site prepared to be a little uncomfortable. To be challenged, to be pushed.

So basically, I want to be like the street preachers, but secular. Maybe a little less screechy. And instead of quoting the bible, I want to give you things to think about. A new way of seeing things. Is it too late to call my site “the optometrist”?

And of course, I have come to see this is not a story I can tell by myself.

Up next, appropriated content.

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