Shakespeare Gets Last Laugh

“I was stoned out of my mind for that entire century, that’s really what they should be talking about,” said the world renowned English poet and playwright when he discovered that scholars and literature geeks everywhere continue to obsess over the finer details of his work.
“It’s like finding out you have a cult following in the basement of every university. What, do they burn Ben Johnson plays and read my sonnets like sermons?”

Although clearly uncomfortable with the level of interest that remains hundreds of years later, Will couldn’t help but chuckle at the frustration he continues to inspire today.

“I mean, even at that time, people liked to solve things, it’s what we do. But if you were to try and tell me that centuries after the production of Hamlet people would still be asking why he stabbed a carpet, I’d probably cast you as my next fool.”

Shakespeare’s work is known to be filled with sexy rogues, sharp-tongued women, and bizarre plot twists, these elements being the “apparent key to verbal immortality”.

“I know what I wrote, I know why I wrote it, and I mean, sure, I’m a brilliant guy. It was ground breaking stuff. There’s an art to spinning words, but there’s an art to humor as well- a necessity, even. If you take things too seriously, I’d say you’re as mad as Lear himself.”

When asked if he had anything in the works for the turn of this century, the slightly transparent ghost just laughed, saying it would be difficult to write without actual hands, and seeing as he’s been dead for hundreds of years, he’s wasn’t really sure he could fully tackle the social landscape we roam today.

“Do they actually burn his plays? God, that would be funny. Benny would be frothing.”

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