Peer Review 2

I once again have the pleasure of reviewing the ever elegant Anne Lauren Co webpage.

Olivia has continued to work through the PUB 201 course with eloquence; her process posts are insightful and showcase genuine consideration for her professional image, while her blog story captures the moving family narrative behind her jewelry business. The content is interesting, the reading comprehension level is perfect, and her colloquial writing style creates an inviting, personality-filled atmosphere.

In my previous review, I loved the tasteful colors of the backdrop, the only problem was that the changing colors drowned out a few words here and there because of the color of the font. I’ve been working with wordpress for over a year now (I’m also not the best with technology/code), and something tells me that changing the color of the font was something of a struggle- I could be totally wrong, but that’s my wordpress intuition speaking up. Regardless of the existent or non-existent struggle, I do love the new design, which showcases all of her recent posts in boxes that run the length of the opening page. Everything can be clearly read, and the posts even start with a sentence or two to give you an idea of the content. As a reader, this helps me to minimize my clicks and make sure that I end up exactly where I want to be- perfect.

The only thing I’m missing now is color! I know for my own website, I opted out of using an image as a background because I found it distracting to the text, and I also couldn’t find an image that captured the right colors/ambiance that I was looking for. So instead, I make sure that each of my posts has an image- that way I’m getting a splash of color here and there without having to commit to an entire background. This might be an option for you, Olivia, because that’s the only thing I really can think of improving on the site!

The typeface is gorgeous, and as mentioned in my last review, fits perfectly with the theme of Olivia’s business. Never stop signing things with “xx”, it’s great. I did find one post in which was my favorite, probably because it had pictures (I’m a sucker for aesthetics), but more than that, the pictures perfectly suited the site. Right down from their design and color, the meshed perfectly.

I know that the idea of starting a jewelry business site without jewelry is a bit difficult (understatement), but I do think that an increased presence of jewelry images and related articles could really help to focus the site as well as set it apart. I know for me, I don’t always have the time or energy to write essays or satires, so I’ve decided to (for the time being) appropriate content. I know that Olivia said their actual store would only sell original jewelry, but I’m wondering if starting a weekly instagram posting of your favorite jewelry from other local jewelers could be beneficial? I mean, you’ll probably want to be selling your jewelry in other stores even if you don’t want to sell other jewelry in your store, and this could be a networking opportunity, as well as a way to show readers and consumers what sorts of things “Anne Lauren Co” likes. The websites personality could start to come through until you actually have images of jewelry to sell. I think if its done properly, appropriating content can be a great way of showcasing yourself, ironically, rather than simply doing free advertising for someone else; a sense of fashion and a taste for style are things that your consumers want to trust you have, and one way to show that would be through appropriating content- that is, until you have your own jewelry. Who knows! You may even want to stick with it after you have your own jewelry. This could also allow Olivia to open up a jewelry category on the homepage (even if it’s appropriated content), which would be a great way of showing a first time visitor what your site is actually about.

Thanks again for the wonderful read, and as always, I look forward to seeing Anne Lauren Co develop as a business and a professional online presence.

All the best,
The Dirt Mouth

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