Impromptu chef, zero waste extraordinaire, and writer of words she mostly knows how to spell, The Dirt Mouth is home to the satirical writing and political musings of Emny Moghrabi. Having recently presented her research on echo chambers at the 2017 FCAT Undergraduate Conference, Emny was also the 2016 recipient of the Roy Miki Award in Creative Writing and the Gordon R. Elliott Award in Writing and Rhetoric. She has since gone on to receive the Shenul Dhalla Award, as well as the Ann and William Messenger Scholarship, mostly because they started letting her submit poetry instead of papers. Outside of her own site, she has had 5 pieces run in Lyre Magazine  but hopes to “turn things around” as she works towards finishing her English degree from Simon Fraser University that she started “way too long ago”.

Give her a shout at Emny.Moghrabi5@gmail.com.

If you’re really that eager to get in her good books, you can also check out her other website which is full of poetry, travels, and zero waste food blogging, and is still, admittedly under construction.